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I want to be...

I want to be...

A personalized story to experiment with fun jobs. Discover how growing up is an adventure—let your little ones get imaginative.

For young'uns aged 4 to 6.

28 personalized pages with surprising professions.

Let kids explore their infinite potential.



This book helps them imagine what they'll be when they grow up—but not the most typical, everyday jobs.


With a total of 7 incredible professions to spark your imagination!

What would it be like to travel to space? Or to be a palace gardener? How about solving cases like Sherlock Holmes? No need to pick one—you can try them all! 

Infinite potential to explore! 

Your kids will learn to make their own decisions and to not be afraid of making mistakes...all while imagining everything they could be and do in the future. The power is in their hands! 

Choose from various front-page colors 

Available in 4 remarkable color choices. Get a personalized, impact-resistant hard cover or a soft cover that little ones can easily flip through. 

Making families happier, every day...

  • Excellent choice of professions—the text is is fun and the illustrations are charming. A great gift!

  • A fun read, the kids really get into character.


  • My kid loves this book. The coolest part is that it comes with a diploma!

  • A perfect book for exploring your potential and imagining what you could be when you grow up.

  • We love this book about jobs! The diploma at the end is the cherry on top!

  • This is an amazing gift, it really gets them to start talking about what they want to do in the future.


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